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Ordering your equipment through us ensures you benefit from the Repair and Maintenance services from the manufacturer. This periodic maintenance service of your equipment will extend its life and boost its performance. As a result, you will avoid opportunistic breakdowns due to lack of maintenance.

Access to repair service also ensures professional know-how and the immediate availability of original spare parts. Your equipment will be like new and ready to use at full speed.



Our offer aims to expand the know-how of farmers, cooperatives and rural groups. Through an inclusive approach, we hurry international experts on-site for training (conferences, seminars, workshops and new production techniques) on production methodsmarketing techniques and financial management.


Brazil: Agro-economic profile

With an extremely diverse climate, regular rainfall, abundant solar energy and nearly 13% of the world’s drinking water, Brazil still has 90 million hectares of untapped fertile land and in 10 years it will become The most agricultural country in … Read more

Soil Plower

For a good harvest, a good soil preparation is essential. Agricultural tool to aid in soil preparation, or to prepare the ground without spraying or compressing it. This soil plower reaches a depth of 50 cm, which eliminates the strains, … Read more

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